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Walking & Hiking

There are enough walks and hikes just from our doorstep to keep you busy for more than 2 weeks, hop into a car or our minibus and the whole of the Lungau biosphere reserve is open to you.  Where ever you go you will be rewarded with wonderful views, beautiful alpine flowers, wild berries to pick, pretty butterflies, fresh sparkling water ways, tinkling cow bells and places to rest.

There are lovely walks and hikes for all abilities and all the official signposted walks around here are graded – blue for simple hiking paths, red for paths requiring a degree of sure-footedness and black for difficult alpine and mountain trails that require some scrambling. 

Whichever you choose you will always find a welcoming mountain hut serving refreshments somewhere along the route.   Each of the huts has its own story to tell and some particular speciality and it is possible to base all your walks and hikes around visiting them.

• Easy walks and strolls
• Hiking
• Mountain Lakes
• Themed walks and trails
map Clicking on the image will open in another window an interactive map of the Lungau region showing walks, cycle routes and much more.

Easy walks and strolls

On the easier side of things the valley floor provides strolls and walks, suitable for pushchairs, on quiet roads or well worn tracks varying in length from an hour or so to 3 or 4 hours.  If you are happy to walk up a few hills then even more is open to you.  If you want to get up high for some wonderful views without the hard work, you can take a gondola ride up (and down!). There are many lovely easy walks from our doorstep providing you with wonderful views, giving you access to mountain huts, and a number of places of interest to visit.

Easy walks and strolls from our doorstep

Lessach valley to either the Lasshoferalm or Lenznalm hut for refreshment and back.
Thurnschall Castle ruin circular walk.
Walk to Tamsweg and a take a bus back.
2 or 3 different circular walks down the Lessach road and back along the valley side roads.


There are lots of wonderful hikes from Chalet Gove along well marked paths taking you up into the mountains.  All the paths are graded and well signposted.  There are easy hikes over the lower hills and more challenging ones taking you to the mountain tops and heights well over 2000m providing fantastic panoramic views.
We are happy to advise and walk with you and we can also arrange official guided walks providing detailed information about the geography, history and ecology along the way.


Hikes direct from our doorstep

Preber route
Wildbachhutte and Gummer
Zwefenbergsee & Angersee

Mountain Lakes

Hidden away at the top of many of the mountain hiking trails are beautiful mountain lakes which in the heat of the summer, if you are brave enough, can provide you with a refreshing dip...or at least a paddle to cool off your feet. Zwefenbergsee & Angersee, Landschitzseen and Gralatisee are just some of the hikes to mountain lakes.

Themed walks and trails

There are 14 themed paths and adventure trails within easy reach providing information into the history and Biology of the area and some just for fun. Close by there is the Bee Path, Sun Path, Water Path, Pure Nature, Mushroom trail, Alpin herb garden, Miner’s path, Magic Forest and even an Execution path!

Themed walks direct from our doorstep

'The Children’s adventure path to the Widbachhutte – A water mill, dam, smelling station, barefoot path, learning about the trees, exploration at a mystical hut, a birdcall listening station are just some of the activities along the way – they are good fun for adults as well as children.  At the end of the walk is the Wildbachhutte with a further play area and petting zoo and of course refreshments.  If you still have some energy left you can go a little further up the Gumma mountain to see the 38 pyramids.  If you walk from the Wildbachhütte ca. 300 m northeast, you can begin to see the tops of them at the foot of the Gumma at an elevation of 2,315m.  They are supposed to provide you with energy!

The Lungau Culture Trail (Kulturwanderwg) – along the trail you will find boards with relevant information about the land and people in that area.

The Arnoweg Trail – this trail was created to commemorate the 1200 anniversary of Salzburg’s Bishop Arno being elevated to the rank of Archbishop by the Pope.  It covers much of the Lungau but you can join and leave it as you wish.

This area is a biking paradise, quiet roads and designated tracks, special cyclist rest areas en route, beautiful scenery and all in one of the sunniest parts of Austria.  We came here specifically for the walking and skiing but once here and seeing so many people cycling around we decided to try it out for ourselves (first time in 30 years for Maria) and we just love it.

Bikes are very easy and economical to hire and we can arrange it all for you, whether a road or mountain bike, pedalled under your own steam or assisted by electricity.  This is a big e-bike area with numerous free charging points be it outside our chalet or at a mountain hut.  Having said that no one has ever had to recharge their bike on a day out! All bikes can be stored inside at Chalet Gove.
Cycling straight out of Chalet Gove takes you directly into the huge network of Lungau cycle routes and trails whatever your choice of bike.

• Cycle Tracks
• Road Cycling
• Mountain Biking
• Biking Events

Cycle tracks

There are numerous designated cycle tracks with stop off rest areas and mountain huts, bars and restaurants en route.  Many of the paths are along flat valley floors and are suitable for families with small children; it is possible to hire children seats for bikes or small trailers. Many of the routes can take you to villages and points of interest where you can stop off and take a break. Routes direct from our doorstep include easy ones up the Lessach valley and back or down the valley road to Tamsweg and the Mur river path. A little more challenging (unless you are on an E-bike!), down the road links you into beautiful rides up the Goriach and Weisspriachtal valleys and routes to and from Mautendorf, St Margarettan, St Michael and the Mur river path along which you can include a steam train trip back.

Road cycling

For the ‘Tour de France’ enthusiasts we have great road cycling along quiet, well maintained roads in and out of the valleys and up and over mountain passes providing stunning views.  Each year we have our own Tour the ‘Tour de Mur’ which follows the path of the Mur River, (see biking events for more details). Routes direct from our doorstep includethe road towards Tamsweg, which takes you ito the Lungau network of roads.

Mountain Biking

The Lungau region has developed a specific network of mountain bike trails providing 15 newly laid-out MTB routes, clearly and uniformly marked from start to finish, a total network length of 56 kilometers and height drops ranging between 560m to 1700m.  All are within easy reach of Chalet Gove.
Details of the routes are available on line at - /mountain-bikes
All tours are described in the Lungau Mountain Bike Map, available for € 9 from all local and regional Lungau tourist offices.
On Wednesdays in the summer there are 2.5 hour mountain bike training courses available at the ski centre in Mautendorf.

Routes direct from our doorstep:
Route 14: Wildbachhutte: 32km long, ca 900m high
Route 12 – Preber: 42km long, ca. 1700m high

International "Tour de Mur" Bike Tour 
Yearly three day charity event along the Mur Bike Path to Bad Radkersburg, a total of 333km coverd in 3 stages. 

Further information at

Lungau Bike Rally for Everyone
Every year on 15 August there is an opportunity for everyone to take part in the Lungau Bike Rally. Route: Tamsweg - Überling - Prebersee - Lessach - Wildbachhütte - Göriach - Tamsweg

Further information at Lungau Bike Rally

Swimming & Wellness
We are lucky to have a number of really good pools, sauna and spa facilities close by.  Within about an hour’s drive you can also access some of the large lakes in Carinthia with their own beach areas and boating activities.

Close by we have:

• BadeINSEL - Tamsweg
• Samsunn wellness and health centre - Mariapfarr
• Adventure pool - Mautendorf

BadeINSEL  - Tamsweg

Down in Tamsweg just 10 minutes away we have the wonderful BadeINSEL facilities.  Indoor there is a beautiful swimming pool, spa area, water slide and separate small children’s pool plus sauna facilities.  Outdoors you have a fun pool, swimming pool, diving pool and a separate children’s pool which is part canopied for shade from the sun.  Indoors and outdoors you have lockers and showers and refreshment facilities.  Outdoors there is plenty of room to put up a beach umbrella, put out your towels and sunbathe, there is even a separated off ‘quiet’ area for those who want to peacefully rest in the sunshine and take in the amazing views of the surrounding mountains.
It is possible to swim from the indoor pool to the outdoor pool and vice versa, a facility that is also available in the winter!

Samsun - Mariapfarr

In the village of Mariapfarr just over 10 minutes away is the Samsunn Wellness and Health centre a place where anytime during the year you can relax and truly unwind. Along with saunas, steam baths, spa pools it offers a comprehensive selection of fitness, massage and beauty services. During the summer months June to September the outdoor pool is also available for swimming and sunbathing or relaxing and taking in the views.

Adventure Pool Mautendorf

Just over 15 minutes away is the Mautendorf adventure pool. There are a number of different pools to swim and play in, with a water slide, water fountain and massage jets with plenty of grass space to lie out and sunbathe. There is also a children’s adventure area with swings, slides, climbing facilities, an 18 hole crazy golf course and a snack bar.
Outdoor Adventures
For the more adventurous there are lots of activities to take you high up, through the water or whizzing through the air!  We can help arrange and organise what you want to do.
• In and on the water
• Outdoor activity park
• For children - pirate rafting, Smartyland, Katschhausen playground, pony rides.
• Specialist activities

In and on the water

Take a white water rafting trip down the river Mur through the rapids with a stop off for some white water swimming or of you prefer sliding and scrambling then try your hand at canyoning – not for the feint hearted! Canoeing and kayaking are also available. The activities are all delivered by Firnsepp, we will arrange the activities for you and transport you to and from your meeting place.

Outdoor activity park - Mariapfarr

Fun for all the family with climbing walls, rope ladders, zip wires, and a lake for wind surfing or just floating along on a boat, just some of the activities available along with a snack bar.


Austria’s biggest paintball facility spanning over 20,000m2 is available in St Michael.

Children’s activities

For smaller children there is Smartyland at Mauntendorf providing all sorts of fun games and activities and an animal petting area. 
There is Pirate rafting – rafting on the river dressed as pirates!
The Katschhausen  nature and adventure world at St Michael provides a large modern playground, colouring workshop, bridges, a water world, petting zoo and picnic area.
At the ponyalm in Katschberg children can watch, pet and ride ponies.

Specialist activities

The following activities are all available with lessons and guidance: Climbing, abseiling, paragliding and gliding.
If you are interested in learning more about the history and culture of the area there are lots of castles, churches, museums and other interesting places to visit or activities to enjoy.
• Castles
• Churches
• Museums
• Steam trains


Mautendorf Castle – This 13th century castle can provide almost a day of activity.  There is an English audio guide available taking you through the many rooms and taking you through the history of the castle and much of Salzburgeland.  There is a museum, a dressing up area, a tower to climb for spectacular views and a view of what life was like back in the middle ages on the way up, plus a shop and restaurant.  The castle also holds weekly children activities and other themed events throughout the summer.
Schloss Moosham –  with its origins dating back to the Roman times, Moosham Castle has had a chequered past witch trials are said to have been held behind its walls.  After falling into to decay it was bought in 1886 by the famous explorer and patron of the arts Count Hans Wilczek Nepomuk , who restored it and donated it as a Museum.  It is still owned by the Wilczek family today and although not the prettiest of castles it provides a fantastic look back at the history of the Lungau and a wonderful museum of furniture and treasured arts collected by its owners.  It is really worth a visit. They also do special tours every Thursday for children aged 3 and above.  It has a restaurant and there are fantastic views of the Lungau valley below.
Thurnschall Castle Ruins, Lessach – The ruins of the Thurnschall castle are well worth a stop off on one of the walks or hikes down the Lessach valley.  The castle is first chronicaled at the beginning of the 13th century.  During archaeological excavations in 2001 the remains of an 8m high tower and castle walls as thick as 4m were unearthed.


Every village has a beautiful church with its own history and the road sides and mountain trails are dotted with small chapels and monuments.  Here are some details of those closest to us.
St. Paul’s Church, Lessach – just across the road, the church besides its beautiful interior is famous for its graveyard.  Unique in all of Europe are the wooden grave borders – known as Sarchen, these along with the cast iron wrought crosses are all regulated, based on the fact that we all come into the world the same so we should all go out the same, so no one grave should be grander than another.  The graves are all immaculately kept and decorated with flowers.  Another unique feature of this neo-Gothic church is the sundial on its south side dated 1763.
St Leonhards Church, Tamsweg – This magnificent church that stand on the hill above Tamsweg is regarded as one of the most beautiful Gothic country churches in the southern German speaking region.  It has beautiful glass windows and the carved altars are also masterpieces.  In addition to being open for viewing it also hosts a number of evening concerts during the summer.
Pilgrimage ‘Our dear lady’ Church, Mariapfarr - Originally built in Romanesque style, the church acquired its current form in the 15th century.  However there are still frescoes dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries, as well as a purportedly miraculous painting from the 15th century.  There are weekly guided tours and the church has its own museum.


Lungau Heritage Museum,  Tamsweg – This museum proveds a fascinating cross-section of life in the town and country, tools, folk, costumes, sacred art and examples of popular piety, a collection of furniture chests , Roman finds and much more.  There are guided tours throughout the summer.
Kodak History Museum ,  Zederhaus – The camera museum provides visitors with a cross-section of the Kodak company, including several hundred exhibits and the first detective camera.
Silver Mine, Ramingstein – Take a guided tour and find out what it was like to be a miner over 350 years ago.  Mining in the middle ages provided much wealth to the Lungau region as it was rich in both silver and copper.
Silent Night Museum, Mariapfarr - In 1995 it was discoverd that whilst a priest at the Mariapfarr Church between 1815 to 1817 Joseph Mohr wrote the lyriccs to the famous Silent Night Christmas Carol.  The museum documents the history of the Carol and Joseph Mohr.

Steam Trains

Taurachbahn narrow-gauge railway - 5 minutes down the road at St Andra you can catch the steam train to Mautendorf on the Taurach Railway; Austria’s highest and one of its last 760mm narrow-gauge railways.
The Murtalbahn - Whether in the imperial hunting carriage or in the fairytale carriage – a ride on the Murtalbahn with its historical steam locomotive promises an adventure for everyone!  Starting from Tamsweg and with much of the route alongside the Mur River you are guaranteed a scenic route. And if you want, you can take your bike with you and ride back along the Mur Bike Path, or vice versa.  The Murtalbahn runs daily every 2 hours and also offers good connections to and from Vienna, Graz, Klagenfurt and most villages in the Lungau and Murau regions.
Horse Riding
The Lungau area is a wonderful area for horse rides and trekking through the mountain valleys and forests of the area.   There are numerous stables close by providing a range of activities. Some of the stables specialise in certain breeds of horses such as the Austrian breeds of Noriker and Haflinger and some have Icelandic horses also providing horse rides in the fresh snow of winter.

Below is a sample of what’s available:

• Horse rides.
• Horse drawn carriage rides.
• Indoor Equestrian centre.
• Pony rides for children.
• One and multiple day treks.
In addition to all the wonderful walking, hiking and cycling for you to do there are a variety of other sporting activities available.  Here is just a sample:
• Golf
• Swimming
• Nordic Walking
• Tennis
• Mini-golf
• Horse riding
• Fishing
• Sporting events



The St Michael Golf course just 15 minutes drive away boasts an 18 hole championship course, a 9 hole par 3 course for beginners, practise and indoor facilities besides the wonderful views of the Alps.  In late April there are golf and ski packages available.



Swimming indoors as well as outdoors is available at the superb BadeINSEL pool in Tamsweg just 10 minutes away.  There are also outdoor pools in Mariapfarr, Mautendorf and St Michael.  See swimming and wellness for more information and details.

Nordic Walking

There are many Nordic walking routes in the area with Mariapfarrr just a short drive away boasts the country's biggest certified network of Nordic walking trails. A total length of 120 km, there are 15 clearly posted routes ranging from 3.1 km to 14.5 km in length.  Free maps and walking poles (just a returnable deposit required) are available at most of the village tourist information offices.


The nearest Tennis courts are just down the road in Tamsweg at the sports centre which has 4 large outdoor courts and 3 special children courts.  There are 6 additional facilities including an indoor court in the surrounding villages.

Mini Golf

For those wanting just a bit of sporting fun there are three 18 hole mini-golf courses available, 1 at the BadeINSEL sports centre down the road in Tamsweg, 1 at the open air pool area in Mautendorf and 1 at the open air pool area in St Michael.

Horse Riding

The Lungau area is a wonderful area for horse rides and trekking through the mountain valleys and forests of the area.   There are numerous stables close by providing a range of activities. Some of the stables specialise in certain breeds of horses such as the Austrian breeds of Noriker and Haflinger and some have Icelandic horses also providing horse rides in the fresh snow of winter.
A range of activities are available - Horse rides, Horse drawn carriage rides,  schooling in an indoor equestrian centre, pony rides for children, one and multiple day treks. (see also "Horse Riding")


River and lake (natural and manmade) fishing is available at 8 different locations close by in clear crystal waters with wonderful alpine views.

Sporting Events 2013

Lungauer Murtallauf
Lungau Mur run, 29th & 30th June 2013, a scenically unique running experience.  A weekend event with the motto "Move Together", providing free fun runs for adults and children on the Saturday and then on Sunday there is an integrated course of runs all starting at 10am in a different location and finishing in Tamsweg town centre:

The panorama run – a half marathon starting from St. Michael.

The experience run - a 15km run starting from St. Margaret.

The enjoying running run – a 10km run starting from Unterberg.

The Health Run – a 4km run starting from Mörtelsdorf.

Or Nordic Walking – a 10km walk from Untendorf.

These rounds do require registration and a there is a fee for each one.  More details can be found on the following website:

International "Tour de Mur" Bike Tour 
In three days - from 30 May to 1 June 2013 - along the Mur Bike Path to Bad Radkersburg, a total of 333km coverd in 3 stages.   The start of this charity event is Muhr, though the race can also be joined at staging points along the way in Muhr, Fohnsdorf and Graz.

Further information at

Lungau Bike Rally for Everyone 
Every year on 15 August there is an opportunity for everyone to take part in the Lungau Bike Rally.

Route:Tamsweg - Überling - Prebersee - Lessach - Wildbachhütte - Göriach - Tamsweg

Entrance Fee: € 15.00

Start: 9 am on the market square in Tamsweg

Registration:Zweiradcenter Krug, T +43 (0)6474 6780 
Tradition & Culture
The Lungau is an area rich with tradition and culture and there are plenty of events to witness and be a part of especially during the summer months. All the events are put on for the entertainment of the locals who dress up in traditional costume and have themselves a really good time and they are more than happy to have visitors join in.
• Samson Parade
• Pranstangen
• Zammsitzn
• Music
• Mountain Huts
• Bauernherbstfest - Harvest Festival

Samson Parade

The Samson figure has been historically documented in the Lungau since 1635and symbolises an Old Testament figure with superhuman strength. The Samson figure is now the emblem of the Lungau region and each of the large villages has their own figure.  Samson parades are a common event throughout the summer where the Samson figure accompanied by his dwarf parents and led by the local band parade through the streets stopping for a little dance from time to time to entertain the crowds.

Just one man is inside the figure which can be as much as 6.5 m tall and weigh around 85 kg, he dances on his own but in between time he is assisted by 4 other men to help take the weight off his shoulders!

Dates of events


Every year on 24 June – the Feast of the Birth of John the Baptist – the “Prangstangen” procession takes place. “Prangstangen” are 6 to 8 meter high wooden poles decorated with wreaths of fresh flowers from the surrounding Alpine meadows.  The origins of this centuries-old tradition can be traced back to a locust infestation that destroyed all of the region’s vegetation except for the oxeye daisy. The desperate farmers of the area began to create these flower-covered poles each year to show their devotion to the Lord and thus prevent the recurrence of such a devastating natural disaster.  The town of Zederhaus is particularly famous for its lovely poles which remain displayed in the local church until 15 August – the Feast of the Assumption of Mary.


Every other Wednesday evening the Town Sqaure in Tamsweg is closed to traffic and stalls, tables and benches are set up providing an evening of food, drink and musical entertainment. The many different stalls allow you to sample excellent regional food, wine, beer and schnapps. Groups of traditional Austrian musicians and singers and sometime the Alpine Horn blowers, provide entertainment late into the night.


Throughout the summer months concerts are held indoors and outdoors.  Every alternate Wednesday evening you can enjoy a concert in Tamsweg main square, whilst dining outdoors at one of the many bars and restaurants that surround it.

Every year we have the International Choral festival, this year running from Friday 14th –Sunday 16th June which sees a wide variety of choral group performances in the different villages of the area. 

Evening concerts are held in the Tamsweg church of St Leonards on selected nights throughout the summer.  This year’s program:

25th July 2013  - Festive Baroque Music G.Ph. Telemann, JS Bach, Diabelli etc.

7th August 2013 - Flute Quartets by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Michael Haydn Jhann

8th August 2013 - Alpine folk music with the Salzburg Viergesang, the Mondsee brass bands and Doris Rehm (harp)

15th August 2013 - Works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

22nd August 2013 - Highlights by Georg Friedrich Händel

29th August 2013 - Works by G. Verdi, Grieg, etc. I.Strawinski

You will also find that for most events the local village brass band will be out to march and play for you and you will often find a small group of musicians in their traditional Lederhosen (leather shorts) entertaining you at one of the Mountain huts whilst you sup a cold beer.

Mountain Huts

Talking of mountain huts just about everywhere you go on a trail into the valleys and mountains of the region you will come across a mountain hut serving refreshments.  Even up on some of the highest trails you can find one serving excellent food.  The booklet ‘Lungau Summer in the Hills’ has over 68 listed each with their own little bit of history and legend and each with their own speciality be it the famous Kaiserschmarrn or homemade sausages.

Bauernherbstfest - Harvest Festival

The official start of the Bauernherbstfest starts with a big parade and music in Tamsweg town square on the 24th August, celebrating the famous ‘Eachtling’(potatoes) of the region and other farm produce.  Throughout September you will find parades and dances in each of the villages to celebrate the reaping of the harvest and in October the villages celebrate Thanksgiving with processions and festivals.
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Known as the sunniest area in Austria it is rare to go a day without seeing the sun.  Lessach is a mountain valley village and we tend to stay above the mist of the lower villages. The region is one of the most southerly in Austria and enjoys quite a Mediterranean feel in the heat of the summer. The thing to be aware of is that being in the mountains the weather can be quite varied. The day can start in beautiful sunshine and end in a heavy shower. The beauty of the place is the fresh clear air and even if very hot during the day (temps around 30ºC) the nights are usually cool making for a good nights sleep.  Being at altitude you need to be aware that the sun’s rays are a lot stronger so it is important to protect yourself when out during the day. The occasional rain shower keeps everything fresh and green and fills the streams and rivers with clear crystal water providing us with the best drinking water in Salzburg, and we have it available on tap in Chalet Gove!

Biosphere Reserve

In 2012 the whole of the Lungau area was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.  Many nature reserves work on the sustainability of the wildlife and eco systems, a Biosphere reserve takes this further; it is an area where the sustainability of the people, traditions, culture, development, tourism as well as nature all work to the benefit of each other.

National Parks and Nature Parks

The following National Parks and Nature Parks are all within easy reach of Chalet Gove. 

Nationalpark Hohe Tauern - Muhr
The resort town of Muhr is situated in a landscape of flourishing Alpine meadows surrounded by majestic mountains and is guarded by the mighty Hafner (3,076 m), the highest mountain in the Lungau. The beauty and diversity of this mountain landscape explains its ongoing designation as part of the Hohe Tauern National Park, the largest national park in Central Europe.  Austria’s second-largest river, the “MUR” originates in the rearmost corner of the Mur Valley, at an elevation of 1,989 in the middle of Hohe Tauern National Park.  140 km of hiking trails are just waiting to be discovered.

Riedingtal Nature Park – Zederhaus
The nature preserve encompasses 3,600 hectares and provides walks and trails for all abilities. Of the 10 alpine hill farms operating in the area, seven huts are open for business and serve products that have been produced on the farm.  In the nature preserve, you can hike along the Tauern High Trail, which leads you through a colourful and diverse display of flora and fauna, as well as numerous little mountain lakes. On the mountain and in the valley, many plaques provide information about the area’s agriculture and land – the history of the land use, habitat, flora and fauna, hunting, and wild animals.

Preber region
The Preber region is just a short drive, a couple of hours hike or cycle ride from Chalet Gove.  You can take a romantic stroll around the lake (a popular cross country ski route in winter) and take in the beautiful views, or encounter the traditional water shooting event (shooting at target’s reflections in the lake).  Then stop off for some delicious nourishment at one of the local huts, the Ludalm by the Lake in particular serves up some excellent food.

The Hut Village - Goriach
At the far end of the Göriach Valley  (next valley along from Lessach)  is a unique hut village surrounded by the gorgeous Radstädter Tauern Mountains.  The village is easily accessible just a five-minute walk from the closest parking area and refreshments are available at 2 of the huts.  It also the starting point for a wonderful hike to the Landwierseen lakes (with further refreshment at the Landwiersee Hut!)  plus several other moutnian hikes including the ascent to the highest mountain in the Niedere Tauern, the Hochgolling (elev. 2,863 m).


Much of the land in the region is natural pastureland (which is allowed to grow to be reaped and stored for animal fodder) providing a rich variety of wild flowers and herbs and very pretty sight. A short circular walk down the Lessach valley and back this spring we identified over 20 different wild flowers and herbs. As you move up into the mountains the variety of alpine flora increases and in summer there are wild strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and cranberries to pick.


Whilst out and about besides the cows and their tinking bells and the sheep with their floppy ears or the Llamas of Lessach(!) you might if you are lucky up the Lessach valley on a walk spot a red or roe deer or chamois.  Higher up on the mountain trails you may hear the warning whistles of the Marmot. The Pine and stone martins are also common in the area although rare to spot; you are more likely to see a squirrel.  The squirrels in our area are related to the red squirrel and are very dark brown, almost black in colour but very sweet.  Foxes, badgers, rabbits, hares, Ermin, otters can be sighted and even wolves and the Brown bear can be found in parts of the Lungau.


The Lungau Mountains are home to many birds of prey including the golden eagle, bearded vulture, hen harrier, Northern goshawk, black kite and numerous species of owl to name a few.  There are of course many smaller birds to spot and enjoy such as the Wheatear, Alpine Brown Ellen, Black Redstart, Choughs, Nuthatch and various species of  woodpeckers besides the traditional garden birds.


With the rich abundance of wild flowers comes a wonderful variety of butterflies of all beautiful colours. We are not specialists so can not name them all, we just know that there are so many more than we ever came across back in England.